73 percent of UK homes have fully switched and Sainsbury’s has recently become the first British supermarket to switch to LED lights completely as well. Why? Because people are starting to seek lighting sources that are both green and inexpensive.In addition, the shadow of the upcoming halogen ban is looming and energy prices are soaring, causing campaigners to call for a cap on bills. Until that comes into effect, both consumers and businesses will continue to look for the most energy efficient and cost-effective lighting.

With an energy saving of up to 90% compared to filament bulbs, LED technology is the most efficient light source on the market. They boast an impressive life span of roughly 50,000 hours versus filament bulbs at 1000 hours and energy saving bulbs which last 6000 to 15,000 hours. Their lengthy life cycle is of obvious appeal to consumers as they require less frequent replacements, reducing the need for upfront spending.