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The Green Business Fund provides up to 30% towards your LED Lighting costs

We have helped our clients save over 2100 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide this year

Commercial LED Lighting

"We are LED lighting specialist dedicated to providing bespoke, personally tailored lighting solutions for all types of business and services"

  • Up to 80% reduced lighting costs
  • 100% funding available (subject to status)
  • Typical ROI of 40%
  • ​Dedicated technical back-up
  • ​Be cash positive from day one
  • Significant environmental benefits​
  • Full installation service available
  • Improved Staff health & well-being
  • All types of existing lighting technology updated
  • All product fully CE compliant
  • Qualifies for ECA Tax benefits

Lighting Audit

A lighting audit is an investigative process that measures existing conditions against industry standards to determine where cost-effective changes can be made

Greenlight-LED offer a complete business lighting audit to determine the quantity and quality of existing lighting technology

  • Fixture type, quantities, location, height and function of lighting will be recorded
  • Detailed measurements of illumination levels are taken, both at task areas and for general overall lighting
  • All issues are noted such as an area where lighting levels are too low/high, where lights are left on unnecessarily, or where factors leading to visual impairment may inhibit productivity or safety.
  • Recommendations will be noted, this could include from lowering the lighting fixtures, adding intelligent control and changing the contrast by painting walls or machinery

A Greenlight-LED audit report can identify major improvements in energy savings & improve lighting standards in your business

Lighting Designs

Greenlight-LED can offer you a bespoke lighting design for every area of your business, we understand the challenge is a lighting plan must be cohesive and effectively illuminate different types of spaces that coexist under one roof

"Improved lighting is one of the best, and easiest, ways to improve the business environment"

Basic considerations of the many parameters required to provide a successful Lighting Design

  • Design a lighting plan with energy efficient future proof products allowing flexibility as company expands or lighting needs change
  • Integrate sufficient fixtures to enable employees to perform tasks comfortably, effectively, and safely, whilst effectively cutting current energy costs
  • Understand light levels suitable to each application and location, uniformity of light, available daylight and glare
  • More light does not mean better light

Managed Installations

"Greenlight-LED managed installations ensure continual communication between the client and electrical contractor to minimise disruption and ensure the highest standards of design and installation"

  • Planning and consultation with electrical contractor, ensures minimum disruption to business's everyday procedures, whilst not impacting on work progress
  • Preparation of specifications and working drawings
  • Full testing and inspection procedures

We are also happy to work with your preferred NICEIC Electrical contractor

Ikon Electrical & T&K Electricals

"Our preferred installers."

Chosen because of their consistent quality of workmanship and ability to work closely with clients keeping disruptions during installations to an absolute minimum.

Approved to all necessary certification standards and experts in retrofitting LED technology - you know you are in safe hands.

Clear Asset Finance

"The Clear Choice for Greenlight-LED and our clients"

Professional uncomplicated advice and support in the complex world of finance.

We were impressed from the day we met Clear. "They talk to you rather than at you" was a very accurate observation made by one of our team, and that continues today.

Whilst offering sophisticated online calculation tools and unparalleled support material they are still happy to work in the way our clients prefer and that's face to face.

Approved to all necessary certification standards and experts in retrofitting LED technology - you know you are in safe hands.

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